Kimpex Race Stud with nuts 1.325″

Product Code: 112a6251-63ed-96e7-77df-3d443c7e3937
  • Kimpex highly recommends to purchase ½’’ aluminum nylon lock nut for 1.325’’ studs. If you do not, warranty will not apply.

    The ultimate steel race stud for snow covered or hard packed lakes.

    • Steel push-thru stud
    • 100% thru hardened steel
    • Awesome penetration
    • Works great for hard dirt or soft ice
    • Machined flattened face
    • Flattened face digs into hard dirt and ice for maximum grip
    • The longest Chipper Tooth and Shovel Tip in the industry
    • Super strong grade 8 shank
    • Beefy 5/16” shank – 1” head won’t pull thru
    • Anti-rotation ribs to eliminate loss of orientation
    • Longer threads to accommodate the Big AL aluminum support nut
    • Chipper Tooth has a machined flattened face with a blunt tip.
    • Shovel Tip has a machined flattened face with a 30 degree tip.

    Note: These studs are of the Racer type. The quantity of studs to be put on the track is determined by the user.

    - 1/2" lock nut for 1.325" studs
    - 3/4" lock nut for 1.5", 1.625", 1.87" and 2" studs or longer